Boutique Holidays In Turkey Years of Local Experience for your Holiday
Adrasan   bay   is   surrounded   by   mountainous   national   parkland   and   forests.   The   parks   and   mountains   are   home   to   many rivers   and   streams   and   dramatic   scenery.   The   area   is   very   green   and   is   home   to   a   lot   of   wildlife   such   a   wild   tortoise, eagles   and   buzzards,   loads   of   lizzards   and   some   rarely   seen   snakes.   There   are   wild   boar   in   the   mountains   and   the higher   reaches   of   the   Toros   Mounains   (up   to   3,000m   high)   are   home   to   deer,   small   bears   and   a   few   wolves.   There   are also   badger,   rabbit   and   pine   martins in the forest. Adrasan    is    primarily    an    agricultural village     with     subsistence     farming, fishing   and   shepherding   of   goats   and sheep.Here   tourism   is   laid   back   and the   local   people   have   retained   their traditional      lifestyle,      humour      and stunning hospitality. The      main      produce      is      fabulous vegetables       such       as       tomatoes, peppers   and   aubergines.   There   are orchards    growing    oranges,    lemons and    pommegranates.    The    villagers also   keep   a   few   cattle   and   herds   of sheep    and    goats.    There    is    also    a small     fishing     fleet     in     a     natural harbour at the South of the bay. Adrasan   is   off   the   beaten   track,   a   place   for   a   great   holiday   with   as   much   or   as   little   to   do   as   you   want.   The   2km   sandy beach   is   a   classic   horseshoe   bay   with   headlands   running   down   from   the   mountains   to   form   the   borders   of   the   bay. At   the rear   of   the   beach   is   a   selection   of   rustic,   small,   family   owned   restaurants   and   bars   where   you   can   find   great   food,   a relaxed   atmosphere,   stunning   views   out   to   sea   and   to   the   mountain   (Mt.   Moses)   at   the   end   of   the   bay.   But   you   need   to   be prepared for some of the most stunning hospitality you will find anywhere. Adrasan   has   been   cut   off   from   the   rest   of   the   country   and   still   has   an   out-of-the-way   and   traditional   feel.This   is   a   place where you can have a great time and get an authentic taste of Turkish life and culture.