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ADRASAN BAY LOOP Walk Overview / Highlights - To Adrasan Lighthouse then a Loop around Adrasan Bay This   slightly   longer   “first   day”   walk   is   a   great   way   to   get   out   &   about   and   see   some   great   scenery.   You   will   also   have   time   for   a swim   in   a   normally   deserted   cove.   The   first   part   of the    walk    take    you    along    the    southern    headland towards   a   small   automated   lighthouse   at   the   end   of the    point.    here    you    will    find    the    remains    of    a lighthouse   keepers   cottage   looking   out   over   a   small cove   which   is   normally   deserted.   After   a   swim   you can   head   back   towards   Adrasan   beach   ut   then   take an   old   miners   track   that   heads   inland   and   upwards to    meet    a    newly    made    loggers    trail.    This    heads around   the   back   of   the   southern   valley   of   Adrasan Bay     where     it     crosses     the     Lycian     Way     before continuing   to   some   open   terraces   and   then   heads down to the base of the valley and on to the hotel. POSSIBLE EXTENSION OF THE CENTRAL HEADLAND OF ADRASAN BAY (TBC) From The Hotel To The Hotel Transfer Times (Out / In) No Transfers Distance 8km Duration 3.5hrs Max Height 315m Total Ascent 370m Total Descent 370m Terrain The path to the lighthouse is an easy goat track with minimal ascents & descents. The miners track is rough and overgrown. From the start of the loggers trail to the end is pretty good underfoot.