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Walk Overview / Highlights - Around Adrasan Village - Seylamit Koy - Farms and Fields This is a delightful walk around the farms and fields that surround Adrasan village. A steady climb from the village square will provide great view over the valley below where you can look over thee village towards the massive ridge that is Musa Dağ (Moses Mountain) which sits at the end of Adrasan Bay and stretches over to the ancient city of Olympos. At the top of the climb Mt. Olympos appears to rise over the centre of the dirt road ahead. From here we meander past local villas and farms to Seylamit Koy, a traditional Turkish hamlet. Our route continues down to the floor of the valley, through pomegranate orchards and up on to the lower slopes of Musa Dağ, where it levels to traverse the ridge. A final section down through forest through greenhouses to Adrasan Beach and a short stroll back to base. This walk is a great chance to meet local people and witness a lifestyle that has remained largely unchanged for decades. Be aware that local people are very hospitable and will often offer tea or fruit from their orchards. There is a delightful family near the end of the route selling fresh pressed pomegranate juice from their orchards. the grandfather sells his hand carved wooden spoons and back-scratchers. hard to resist! From The Hotel To The Hotel Transfer Times (Out / In) 10-15mins / 0mins Distance 16km Duration 5.5hrs Max Height 215m Total Ascent 255m Total Descent 235mTerrain This a generally gentle walk often on dirt roads but some short rocky sections on goat tracks





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