Boutique Holidays In Turkey Years of Local Experience for your Holiday
On   a   trip   to   the   sunken   city   of   Kekova,   we   don’t   only   take   a   boat   trip   over   the   underwater   ruins,   we   swim   we snorkel,   we   sometimes   swim   with   Loggerhead   Turtles!   We   also   sometimes   visit   the   hilltop   castle   of   Simena   (if time     allows),     we will                     visit St.Nicholas’   church (Yes!    Santa    Claus was         born         in Turkey!).     We     will definately   take   time out     to     visit     the m   a   g   n   i   f   i   c   e   n   t   ,     16,000            seater   theatre     at     Myra. IT’s   a   very   full   but satisfying day!
A Boat Trip Over a Sunken City that Offers So Much More!

Adventure Holidays for Adults (18+)

A Mix of Adrenaline Soaked Action and Chilling Out in Turkey’s Coolest Destination