What   a   better   way   to   end   your   activiity week   than   spending   the   day   rafting   down the   rapids   of   Koprülü   Çay   and   exploring the   Roman   Bridge   from   which   the   river and   the   canyon   get   their   name.   Situated in   a   national   park   to   the   east   of   Antalya airport,    this    is    an    area    of    outstanding natural   beauty.   Normally   our   last   night’s accommodation     will     be     in     Kale     Içi (Antalya’s   Old   Town   -   the   name   means inside      the      castle).     After      an      early breakfast,   a   50minute   transfer   will   take us   to   a   cafe   and   souvenir   shop   for   last minute     drinks,     snacks     and     bargains. From   here   a   transfer   will   take   us   to   the rafting    base    station.    here    we    will    be equipped   with   paddles,   life   jackets   and helmets.   Our   guide   for   the   day   will   give us   a   safety   briefing   before   we   set   off   for the   river.   We   board   our   raft   and   tackle the   first   rapid.   We   will   then   go   and   visit the   Roman   Bridge   which   crosses   the   canyon.   There   will   also   be   a   chance   to   do   some   rock   jumping   for   the   more   adventurous.   Then it’s back to our raft and onward down the river and rapids. This   adventure   is   a   family   friendly   experience   rather   than   and   extreme   sport,   but   there   is   no   shortage   of   fun   to   be   had   and   some more extreme activities for those who want them. Lunch   is   included   at   the   base   station   which   is   part   way   down   the   river,   drinks   are   extra.   At   the   end   of   the   route   there   are   showers, changing rooms and a bar. here you will also be able to buy souvenir photos and DVD’s of your rafting experience. After   the   tour   we   will   transfer   back   to Antalya   where   you   can   be   dropped   at   the   airport   for   your   flight   home   or   im   Kale   Içi   for   an   extra night or two, or back to Adrasan to extend your stay. THINGS TO REMEMBER Sun Cream Water shoes Waterproof camera at your own risk (secured against being lost overboard) Valuables can be left with your bags in the bus Swimming gear Towel Shower stuff Dry clothes to change into Small amount of money for drinks, ice creams,  etc. Drinking water for the initial journey will be provided
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White Water Rafting in Koprülü Kanyon - Fun, Excitement, Scenery, History & Nature

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