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Walk Overview / Highlights - Beycik Centre to Lower Beycik via Beycik Canyon This   walk   starts   in   the   centre   of   Beycik   village   and   initially   passes   through   farmhouses   and   then   ,heads   out   over   age   old terraces,    under    huge    plane    trees,    and across   a   dry   river   bed.   From   here   the trail   leads   through   forest,   over   terraces and      pasture      before      winding      down through     more     forest.     After     passing through    a    group    of    holiday    home    our route    takes    you    through    open    forest, over   pastures   and   over   dry   riverbeds   to reach   the   entry   to   a   deep   canyon   where a   narrow   goat   track   takes   alongside   the steep    cliffs    that    line    the    canyon.    Here you    will    find    green,    broad    leaf    trees providing   dappled   shade   to   the   stream running   through   the   base   of   the   canyon. After    leaving    the    canyon    you    pass    a water   pumping   station   which   pours   out   a huge   torrent   of   water   the   MOST   powerful power   shower   in Turkey! Tracks   on   the   far   side   of   the   pumping   sttation   lead   you   uphill   and   into   a   steady   climb   back   up   to   Lower Beycik.   here   you   will   find   a   delightful   cafe   where   you   can   take   refreshments   under   the   trees.   The   trail   then   heads   up   for   a   short stretch before taking a meandering track down to the main road and your pick up point. From Central Beycik To Beycik Main Road Transfer Times (Out / In) 40mins / 30mins Distance 12km Duration 4.5hrs Max Height 875m Total Ascent 110m Total Descent 315m  Terrain This is a moderate walk, mostly on forest goat tracks tracks with a sections on loggers tracks (g5 dirt roads). It is rocky in places particularly on dry river beds. Passing through a coll and shady canyon.