Boutique Holidays In Turkey Years of Local Experience for your Holiday

Chill Out Holidays Relax, Enjoy & Re-Charge

Quiet and Relaxing Holidays in the Chill Out Capital of Turkey

Adrasan   is   a   small   rural   village   set   on   Turkey’s   Turquoise   Coast.   Tourism   is   a   laid   back   affair   generally   run   by local   people.   It   has   been   mercifully   ignored   by   the   rigors   of   mass   tourism.   The   local   people   are   stunningly hospitable   and   helpful.   The   beach   is   lined   with bars   and   restaurants   that   are   ideal   for   chilling out   between   hard   sessions   on   a   sunbed.   Here you   need   nothing   more   than   a   good   book   to have   a   great   holiday.   However   if   you   do   want   to get   out   and   about   there   is   plenty   to   do.   Maybe you   could   up   the   pace   on   a   gentle   boat   trip sailing   from   hidden   creek   to   idyllic   bay   with   a fabulous   lunch   on   board.   If   it’s   time   to   get   a   few momentoes   or   a   souvenir   for   the   person   who   is dog   or   cat   sitting   for   you,   there’s   a   choice   of markets   to   choose   from.   If   it’s   all   sounding   a   bit hectic     why     not     get     the     ultimte     relaxation treatment   at   the   local   Turkish   Baths. Don’t    forget    you    are    surrounded    by over   3,000   years   of   history   featuring Lycian,     Persian,     Hellenic,     Roman, Byzantine   and   Genoese   civilisations. If    you    want    to    stay    away    from    the crowds     why     not     try     our     “Lycian Secrets”    excursion    to    three    hidden Lycian   cities   dating   back   nearly   2,000 years.   You   likely   to   meet   more   goats than other tourists! The   museum   in   Antalya   is   one   of   the best   in Turkey   and   is   well   worth   a   visit. There    is    a    speedboat    ferry    service from    Kemer    to    the    Old    Town    (a    5 minute    tram    ride    to    the    museum) which is worth a visit in it’s own right. This   the   quintessential   chill   out   zone   where   you   can   gently   re-charge   and   refresh   and   enjoy   some   great   food and like minded company if you wish. You can do as much or as little as you like.