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Walk Overview / Highlights - Learn the history & Lycia & Olympos and vist the flames at Chimera Route   1   via   Çirali   -   Daytime   flames    - After   lunch,   walk   along   Olympos   beach   and   head   through   the   village   of   Çirali   then   head inland    to    the    base    of    the    Yanartaş    (burning    stone) mountains.   The   main   area   of   flames   is   a   steady   1km climb   on   a   rough   path   of   steps. After   spending   time   at   the flames   head   uphill   on   narrow   rocky   trails   to   the   top   of   a ridge   where   ther   are   some   more   (smaller)   flames.   From here    goat    tracks    take    you    down,    through    the    dappled shade   of   the   forest   and   past   shepherds   shacks   to   the base   of   a   valley.   Here   a T-junction   of   valleys   is   where   two river   join.   The   cross   section   comes   down   from   Ulupinar (wonderful    spring)    where    rain    water    and    snow    melt emerge   from   the   mountain   in   a   huge   waterfall.   Because of   the   year   round   presence   of   water   this   valley   is   called green   valley   and   is   home   to   many   broad   leaf   trees   such as   plane.   You   will   cross   the   smaller   river   and   then   cross the   main   river   running   down   Green   Valley.   On   the   far   side a   short,   steep   climb   up   the   bank   will   take   you   to   a   tractor trail   running   paralell   with   the   river. A   short   section   of   gaot tracks    will    take    you    to    a    dirt    road    that    winds    through farmhouses   and   orchards   Ulupinar   where   you   will   find   the fish farm restaurant for your evening meal. From Olympos City Back To Hotel Transfer Times (Out / In) 20mins / 30mins Distance 13km Duration 4.5hrs Max Height 340m Total Ascent 440m Total Descent 100m  Terrain On a sandy beach then on a tarmac road through Çirali, dirt road to the base of the flames then rough tracks until you near Ulupinar on a tractor trail.