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Walk Overview / Highlights - Learn the history & Lycia & Olympos and vist the flames at Chimera Route   2   Spine   Mountain   -   Evening   Flames   - After   lunch,   we   head   inland   to   the   base   of   Omurga   Dağ   (Spine   Mountain)   where a   steady   ascent   takes   you   into   the   foothills   of   Omurga Dağ.   Our   route   starts   on   a   dirt   road   that   climbs   out   of Olympos   and   then   becomes   a   goat   track   trail   leading   to   a shepherd’s   hut   in   fields   above   a   deep   canyon.   From   here a   tractor   trail   and   loggers   trails   lead   us   past   farmhouses and   pommegranate   orchards.   Then   a   section   of   winding goat   tracks   takes   us   through   the   forest   past   a   spring   and on   to   ancient   terraces   where   you   can   find   the   remains   of a   land   owner’s   tomb   placed   witha   panoramic   view   of   Mt. Olympos.    The    trail    then    heads    down    to    the    road    to Çiraliwhere   you   will   find   a   small   cafe   for   tea   or   juice.   You then   cross   the   road   and   follow   a   tractor   trail   that   heads up   to   Ulupinar   after   several   river   crossings.   This   is   a   very varied route with some lovely scenery and lots of interest. The   plan   from   here   on   depends   on   what   time   the   sun sets.   When   the   days   are   short   we   will   head   straight   down to   the   base   of   the   flames   by   car,   visit   the   flames   and   then head   back   to   Ulupinar   for   supper.   When   the   days   are longer    we    take    an    early    evening    meal    at    Havuz    Başi restaurant before going to visit the flames. Back To Hotel Transfer Times (Out / In) 20mins / 45mins Distance 11km Duration 3.5hrs Max Height 380m Total Ascent 430m Total Descent 50m  Terrain On a sandy beach then on a tarmac road through Çirali, dirt road to the base of the flames then rough tracks until you near Ulupinar on a tractor trail.