Boutique Holidays In Turkey Years of Local Experience for your Holiday
We   are   foodies   ourselves   and   meals   are   an   important   part   of   our   own   holidays.   Food   is   one   of   the   reasons   for   us   taking   so many holidays in Turkey and a big part of our reasons for moving here. Turkish   is   possibly   the   most   wide   ranging   of any    of    the    great    world    cuisines;    this    is    a result     of     the     geographically     widespread influences   from   around   the   Ottoman   Empire and    their    trading    partners    on    the    silk    and spice     routes.     In     Adrasan     you     will     find wonderfully    fresh    local    ingredients    (many often    grown    by    the    restauranteur    or    his family).    The    restaurants,    hotels    and    bars offer   a   bewildering   array   of   choice   of   freshly prepared, traditional meals. Turkey   is   self-sufficient   in   food   and   has   a massive    spread    of    agrculture    right    across the    country.    Produce    will    be    fresh    and always   local   when   available.   You   will   find   red   meats,   chicken,   fish   and   seafood   in   abundance.   These   will   typically be   accompanied   with   bread   and   rice   or   potatoes   (often   home-made   chips)   with   many   varieties   of   wonderful   salads and vegetables.