Boutique Holidays In Turkey Years of Local Experience for your Holiday No. of Guests in Group 6 7 8 9 10 11 Group Price 2,886.00    3,176.00    3,466.00    3,847.00    4,243.00    4,533.00    Price Per Person 481.00        454.00        434.00        428.00        425.00        413.00        No. of Guests in Group 12 13 14 15 16 17 Group Price 4,823.00    5,113.00    5,403.00    5,763.00    6,053.00    6,343.00    Price Per Person 402.00        394.00        386.00        385.00        379.00        374.00        Single Supplement GROUP GUIDED WALKING PACKAGES - 2017 For pricing for larger groups please contact us for a proposal and quotation  Prices are based on two sharing a double or twin room. 161.00
The   prices   above   are   typical   prices   for   an   off-the-shelf   group   guided   tour,   based   on   our   recommended   choice   of   walking   routes.   These are   a   selection   of   our   favorites   and   are   suitable   for   a   group   of   relatively   fit   and   regular   hill   walkers.   They   are   great   walks   but   may   not be   the   most   appropriate   for   your   group.   We   have   many   other   wonderful   routes   for   you   to   explore   and   it   is   normal   to   discuss   the   choice of   routes   for   a   group. As   this   discussion   progresses   the   number   and   length   of   transfers   will   probably   change   a   little   so   the   price   may   go up or down. However this is unlikely to make a huge amount of difference to the individual price. In   the   past   we   have   found   that   very   often   with   large   groups   there   is   a   requirement   to   split   the   group   based   on   a   split   level   of   ability   or aspiration   within   the   group. A   number   of   our   routes   an   share   transfers   with   one   group   taking   a   different   or   shorter   version   of   the   more challenging   routes.   This   means   that   the   group   can   often   maintain   the   cost   by   not   incurring   extra   transfer   costs   and   by   both   parts   of   the group   walking   common   parts   of   a   chosen   route.   This   would   however   be   expected   to   increase   the   cost   of   guiding   if   and   when   te   group walks separately. Suffice to say we are happy to work with a standard set of routes or to develop a bespoke pplan for your group. Don’t   forget   that   we   also   offer   other   activities   including   sea   kayakking,   rock   climbing,   visits   to   historical   sites   (including   a   boat   trip   over a   sunken   city),   Turkish   baths   and   market   visits.   So   if   you   would   like   to   mix   some   culture   with   your   walking   programme   just   let   us   come up with some ideas for you.