Boutique Holidays In Turkey Years of Local Experience for your Holiday
We   have   a   choice   of   hotels   in   Adrasan   Bay   as well   as   our   home   base   at   Orange   Pension   in Olympos.   The   majority   of   our   guests   stay   at   the Yonca   Boutique   Hotel.   This   is   a   well   designed (by    a    local    lawyer)    and    well    built,    small    (18 rooms)   hotel   that   is   run   by   the   Mithat   family. They   also   have   a   small   budget   hotel   and   a   very popular    seafront    restaurant.    They    have    been running   their   restaurant   and   hotels   for   over   20 years   and   are   a   popuar   and   well   know   fixture   of tourism in Adrasan. big spacious air-conditioned rooms big comfortable beds high staff to cutomer ratio fabulous food using fresh, local ingredients indoor & poolside dining friendly, cheerful and helpful customer delight - 35% of guests are repeat OR - found by word of mouth!

Other Hotels?

We    also    offer    stays    in    other    hotels    in    Adrasan,    which    we normally    use    for    extra    capacity.    We    only    work    with    hotels where   we   have   known   the   owners   or   operators   for   a   good number   of   years   (at   least   5!)   We   only   work   with   small,   family run   establishments   run   by   local   people   offering   a   good   level   of cleanlness   and   customer   service   as   well   as   the   traditional   local hospitality.