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Walk Overview / Highlights - Climbing to the Summit of Mt. Olympos (at 2,365m home of the gods!) There   is   no   easy   way   to   climb   to   2,365m   (nearly   8,000ft)   but   we   do   our   best   to   help   by   taking   to   a   start   point   just   above   Beycik at   an   altitude   of   925m   so   theres   only   1,440m   to go!   A   snip   that   is   equivalent   to   3    times   up   the stairs   of   New   York’s   Empire   State   Building.   But on   your   way   you   find   some   stunning   scenery   and have   a   real   sense   of   achievement   as   you   crest the   summit.   the   summit   is   home   to   a   restaurant and   bar   for   a   celebratory   tipple.   The   walk   starts in   forestry   land   and   climbs   through   pine   forest. On   the   way   you   may   choose   to   stop   at   Tekin’s tea    house    for    refreshment    and    to    look    as    his collection   of   carved   bone   jewelery.   After   leaving Tekin’s   the   climb   gets   steeper   for   a   while   but   you will   gradually   move   into   cedar   forest.   Passing   a few   meadows   and   orchards   you   will   enjoy   the majesty    of    the    huge    lebanon    cedar    trees    with their    blue    green    branches    and    at    times    new cones   sitting   like   candles   on   a   christmas   tree. The   trees   are   well   spaced   out   and   surrounded   by dappled   shade,   a   real   treat   if   there’s   still   some   snow   about.   Eventually   you   reach   the   saddle   behind   the   mountain   where   the conditions   underfoot   become   much   more   rocky   and   the   peak   rears   above   you.   The   ascent   from   here   is   across   open,   rocky ground.   The   track   is   however   well   made   and   maintained.   It   winds   steadily   up   over   two   false   peaks   before   coming   to   the absolute   summit.   From   here   there   are   three   ways   to   do   the   descent.   The   first   is   to   take   the   cable   car    back   down.   the   cable   car is   the   second   longest   single   stretch   cable   car   ride   in   the   world!   The   second   option   is   to   return   to   the   saddle   and   continue   on   to Yayla   Kuzdere.   For   a   description   of   this   option   see   the   Beycik   to   Yayla   Kuzdere   route   description.   The   third   option   is   paraglide down! This a world record jump the greatest height change from top to bottom. Click here for more details. From Beycik To Mountain Summit Transfer Times (Out / In) 35mins / 45mins Distance 15km Duration 5.5hrs Max Height 2,365m Total Ascent 1,490m Total Descent 50m  Terrain Generally on good, clear, narrow, woodland trails some are steep in places. The final ascent is across open rocky ground but with a clear track to follow. May not be possible early in the year due to snow and is always weather dependent.