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Walk Overview / Highlights - A long climb out of Olympos, visit to upper olympos ruins and a steady descent down to Adrasan This   is   one   of   the   classic   Lycian   Way   walks.   It   starts   amid   the   ruins   of   the   ancient   Lycian   city   of   Olympos   which   dates   back   over 4,000   years.   Some   other   walks   start here    with    a    guided    tour    of    the    city. Today   you   will   need   to   get   on   with   the walking!   The   route   heads   out   of   the valley    in    which    Olympos    is    situated with   a   short   climb   through   the   tombs of   the   necropolis.   Soon   the   trail   levels into    a    lovely    goat    track    that    rises steadily   along   the   side   of   a   canyon. At the   head   of   the   canyon   you   enter   a dense   and   shady   forest   of   red   barked “strawberry    trees”    (Arbutus).    This    is the   start   of   a   long   and   steady   climb   to a   pass   at   690m. At   the   pass   a   disused shepherds   hut   now   serves   as   a   cafe serving    fresh    juices,    tea    and    coffee. Above    the    pass    are    the    ruins    of    an extensive        fortified        encampment. Normally   lunch   is   on   the   pass   followed by   a   visit   to   the   ruins.   The   route   down passes   through   a   series   of   valleys   with   a   stream   at   their   bases.   This   leads   to   the   heart   of   Adrasan’s   agricultural   area   and passes   between   orchards,   farmhouses   and   greenhouses.   The   route   to   the   hotel   takes   you   past   the   river   at   the   northern   end   of Adrasan beach, where you can take a well earned drink sitting on pontoons in the river. From Olympos City Back To Hotel Transfer Times (Out / In) 20mins / 0mins (ends at the hotel) Distance 18km Duration 5.5- 6hrs Max Height 690/750m Total Ascent 740/800m Total Descent 720/780m  Terrain A long steady ascent on narrow goat tracks steep in places follwoed by a steady and gentle descent again mostly on goat tracks which are rocky in places.