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Walk Overview / Highlights - Learn the history & Lycia & Olympos and vist the flames at Chimera This   is   a   half   day   walk   combined   with   a   tour   of   the   ancient   Lycian   city   of   Olympos,   a   visit   to   the   legendary   flames   at   Chimera and   a   meal   at   a   mountain   fish   farm   and   restaurant.   There are   several   routes   and   itineraries   for   this   tour.   The   flames can   be   visited   during   the   day   but   are   more   atmospheric at   night.   The   route   will   be   chosen   to   best   suit   the   timings of   sunset   and   will   take   account   of   the   river   crossings   on each walk. The   morning   starts   with   a   leisurely   breakfast   followed   by a   transfer   to   the   ancient   city   of   Olympos.   According   to Hittite   writings   the   history   here   starts   over   4,000   years ago.   The   city   was   established   around   980BC   and   was still   in   operation   in   the   15th   century   AD.   We   will   walk   a timeline   around   the   city   covering   some   3,500   years   of   the history   of   Olympos   and   Lycia.   We   will   also   see   the   most recent   and   quite   startling   archaeological   discoveries.   We will   take   a   lunch   of   a   very   traditional   bread   pancake   in Olympos before starting out on the afternoon walk. Olympos   Mountain   (after   which   the   city   is   named),   the city   and   the   flames   of   Chimera   are   intrinsicly   linked   in history   and   in   legend.   The   legend   of   Bellerophon   and   the Winged    Hosre    Pegasus    who    buried    the    fire    breathing Chimera are part of homeric legend and are mentioned in Homer’s Ilıad. The   evening   meal   at   the   fish   farm   and   restaurant   is   a   very   traditional   meal,   that   is   specific   to   this   region.   It   is   a   re-creation   of meals   that   were   taken   by   the   Nomadic   people   of   the   area   (Yoruk)   when   they   were   moving   their   flocks   between   the   coast   and the   high   mountain   pastures,   which   were   and   still   are   used   in   summer.   Our   chosen   restaurant   Havuz   Başi   (head   of   the   pool)   is family   owned   and   run   and   is   extremely   popular   with   local   people. Tourists   are   few   and   far   between   here,   however   Havuz   Başi   is well known among Turks as far afield as Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir. A meal not to be missed! There are two main routes:-
Via Çirali - Daytime Flames Via Çirali - Daytime Flames Via Spine Mountain - Evening Flames Via Spine Mountain - Evening Flames