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Walk Overview / Highlights - Along & Over Adrasan Bay Headland To Sazak Bay Sazak   is   a   beautiful   bay   lned   with   high   limestone   cliffs.   It   is   often   deserted   and   is   great   for   swimming   in   the   crystal   clear   waters. In   2015   a   small   cafe   was   established offering   fruit   juices,   tea   or   coffee.   The route    to    Sazak    follows    along    the northern    headland    of   Adrasan    Bay. The   G5   loggers   trail   rises   gently   to   a height     of     235m     offering     fabulous views     over     Adrasan     Bay     to     the southern    headland    and    along    the coast   towards   water   Island. The   track then    crosses    over    a    saddle    in    the headland     and     descends     down     a series   of   hairpins   (switchbacks)   and then   passes   a   large   meadow   before you   reach   the   bay.   The   walk   from   the hotel to the bay takes 2 ½ -3 hours. You   have   three   options   on   how   to   do this walk:- 1 . Walk to the bay, have a swim and enjoy a picnic lunch the walk back to the hotel on the same route 2 . Walk to the bay a daily boat trip from Adrasan picks you up and you then lunch and swim stops on the boat 3 . Take a boat trip from Adrasan to Sazak Bay.  Then walk back to the hotel From The Hotel To The Hotel Transfer Times (Out / In) 0mins / 0mins Distance 9km (each way)  Duration 2 ½-3 hrs(each way) Max Height 235m Total Ascent 255m Total Descent 255m Terrain This a generally gentle walk along Adrasan beach and on loggers trails along and over the headland