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Walk Overview / Highlights - Cliff-top trails and isolated beaches from start to finish This   is   a   walk   in   three   parts.   The   first   part   is   a   loggers   trail   that   runs   from   headland   to   headland   passing   lots   of   isolated   sandy beaches.     these     are     all     home     to nesting      turtles      which      sometimes been   seen   swimming   near   the   cliffs. The   headland   here   are   a   series   of climbs    and    descents,    150m,    200m &270m.       Each       time       the       track descends    to    one    of    the    beaches below   where   short   tracks   kead   onto the sand. The   second   part   is   a   classic   coastal path    that    winds    in    and    out    around headland    with    crystal    clear    waters below.   here   there   more   opportunities to   enjoy   a   swim.   The   headlands   vary in height form 50m to 70m to 90m. From   the   final   headland   you   will   see   ahead   of   you   the   long   that   joins   the   holiday   villages   of   Çirali   &   Olympos.   Crossing   the beach you will find numerous watering holes before heading into the ruins of the ancient city of Olympos. At   the   half-way   point   (in   distance   but   not   in   time!)   is   Maden   Beach.   Maden   means   mining   in   Turkish   and   this   beach   was   the base   fro   Chromium   mining   in   the   hills   inland. As   you   approach   maden   beach   you   will   a   stone   built   warehouse   to   the   right   of   the track.   this   houses   the   engine   from   the   machine   used   to   crush   the   ore.   You   can   be   grateful   to   these   miners   as   it   was   them   who carved out the tracks between here and Çirali. This   is   a   a   classic   coastal   walk   with   some   great   beaches. A   recent   guest   said   that   when   going   over   the   last   few   headlands   “The water was so clear I could have gone fishing with a rifle.” From Tekirova Back To Olympos Transfer Times (Out / In) 45mins / 20mins Distance 21km Duration 6-6.5hrs Max Height 235m Total Ascent 780m Total Descent 800m Terrain Easy underfoot with a few steady climbs to Maden Beach. From Maden a series of rocky (low max 90m) headlands lie ahead. Beaches past each headland and a long beach at Çirali & Olympos. Lots of swimming opportunities and lots of tempting beach side bars towards the end.