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Walk Overview / Highlights - Beautiful Walk in Forested Hills to Maden then Crytal Clear Waters & Beaches This   walk   starts   beside   the   main   coastal   road   (D400)   below   Beycik   and   heads   over   a   river   sometimes   full   flowing   depending   on the   time   of   year.   The   route   then   heads   steadily   uphill   then   follows   contour   lines   as   it   heads   steadily   to   the   coast.   Then   a   long and   meandering   descent   over   many   different terrains   leads   you   to   stunning   coastal   views, past   shepherds’   huts.   A   short   section   of   dirt road   leads   to   riverbeds   (most   often   dry).   from here   you   cross   an   open   area   to   reach   a   short shady   track   which   will   take   you   Maden   Beach. The   route   now   turns   right   and   hus   the   cliff   tops   you    pass    from    bay    to    bay.    After    several headlands    and    swimming    opportunities    you will   arrive   at   Çirali-Olympos   beach.   Crossing the    beach    you    will    find    numerous    watering holes    before    heading    into    the    ruins    of    the ancient city of Olympos. This    is    a    walk    that    combines    walk    in    wild unsullied      pine      forest,      with      some      more challenging   terrain   with   a   classic   coastal   walk. A A   recent   guest   said   that   when   he   was   going over   the   last   few   headlands   “The   water   was   so clear I could have gone fishing with a rifle.” From Below Beycik Back To Olympos Transfer Times (Out / In) 25mins / 20mins Distance 17km Duration 5-5.5hrs Max Height 470m Total Ascent 630m Total Descent 720m Terrain Initially on good narrow, woodland trails. Later the tracks become a bit steeper and rocky in places as you near Maden Beach. From here a series of rocky (low max 90m) headlands lie ahead. Beaches past each headland and a long beach at Çirali & Olympos. Lots of swimming opportunities and lots of tempting beach side bars towards the end.