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Walk Overview / Highlights - Climb in National Park Forest & Swim among the Lycian Ruins Phaselis This   route   starts   behind   the   mass   tourism   mecca   of   Tekirova   and   heads   away   across   riverbeds   and   up   into   the   hills   to   a   height of   550m   (starting   at   30m)   where   the   route   intersects   with   the road   leading   up   to   the   Mount   Olympos   cable   car   base   station. A   short   walk   downhill   on   the   road   leads   to   the   second   part   of the   walk,   a   descent   towards   the   coast   where   the   track   passes under    the    main    (D400)    coastal    road    and    heads    down    to    a delightful   bay,   home   to   a   small   fleet   of   fishing   boats.   from   here route    heads    along    the    coast    over    a    few    headlands    (no significant   climbs)   and   passes   an   area   where   the   much   prized agrogate   rock   was   used   in   the   construction   of   glittering   marble patterned   tombs.   Some   incomplete   tombs   are   still   visible   along the   route.   A   narrow   trail   then   leads   you   into   the   ancient   Lycian City   of   Phaselis.   This   strategic   military   and   commercial   harbour town   dates   back   to   700BC.   Here   you   can   swim   in   any   one   of the three harbours. THIS ROUTE IS NOT YET FULLY DOCUMENTED BUT WE EXPECT IT TO BE FULLY COMPLPETED IN SPRING 2017 From Tekirova Back To Phaselis Transfer Times (Out / In) 40mins / 40mins Distance 16 or 17km Duration TBC Max Height 550m Total Ascent TBC Total Descent 640mTBC Terrain The first part is a little challenging in places. The majority of the descent is very easy underfoot. THIS WALK CAN START AT THE HALFWAY POINT TO MAKE AN EASIER, SHORTER BUT STILL INTERESTING WALK