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Walk Overview / Highlights - A Long Tough Walk in High Mountain Pastures If   a   good   hard   walk   and   the   chance   to   meet and    drink    tea    with    shepherds    and    their families   appeals,   this   may   well   be   the   walk for   you.   The   walk   starts   in   forestry   land   and climbs   through   pine   forest.   On   the   way   you may   choose   to   stop   at   Tekin’s   tea   house   for refreshment   and   to   look   as   his   collection   of carved   bone   jewelery.   After   leaving   Tekin’s the   climb   gets   steeper   for   a   while   but   you will     gradually     move     into     cedar     forest. Passing   a   few   meadows   and   orchards   you will   enjoy   the   majesty   of   the   huge   lebanon cedar   trees   with   their   blue   green   branches and   at   times   new   cones   sitting   like   candles on    a    christmas    tree.    The    trees    are    well spaced    out    and    surrounded    by    dappled shade,   a   real   treat   if   there’s   still   some   snow about.    Eventually    you    reach    the    saddle behind   the   mountain   where   the   conditions underfoot   become   much   more   rocky   for   a while.   But   very   soon   you   are   beginning   your descent   through   open   cedar   forest.   after   a short   descent   you   head   off   to   the   valleys   between   Cukuryayla   and   Ucoluk. After   the   first   few   valleys   a   short   section   of   dirt   road takes   you   to   more   cedar   clad   valleys.   You   will   emerge   on   the   plain   that   surrounds   Ucoluk.   From   here   there   are   two   routes down.   One   is   via   a   very   scenic   foretry   logging   trail. The   other   is   on   goat   tracks   which   are   generally   pleasant   but   rocky   in   places. The   only   problem   with   the   second   option   is   that   there   is   a   farm   with   some   very   large   dogs   guarding   the   goats.   You   need   to   be very confident of dealing with large dogs to take this option. AS YET THIS ROUTE IS NOT FULLY DOCUMENTED BUT WE HOPE TO HAVE IT ALL IN PLACE IN SPRING 2017 From Beycik Back To Beycik Transfer Times (Out / In) 35mins / 30mins Distance TBC Duration 7+hrs Max Height 1,800m Total Ascent 875m Total Descent 925m(TBC) Terrain Initially on good, clear, narrow, woodland trails some are steep in places. The descent has some rocky sections, (more so) on the second descent option, but more beautiful views from either route. This is a great route for late spring flowers.