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Walk Overview / Highlights - A scenicly stunning walk up to the high mountain pastures This    walk    starts    just    above    Beycik    village and   heads   out   over   pastures,   through   forest and    over    rocky    trails    as    it    climbs    up    the Southwestern     side     of     Mt.     Olympos.    An interesting   mix   of   goat   trails   over   pastures, through   forest   and   over   large   rock   fields.   As you   get   higher   the   trees   change   from   a   mix of   pine,   fir   and   desciduous   trees   to   majestic Lebanon   Cedar.   After   passing   a   farmhouse where   hundreds   of   goats   normally   graze   on the   open   land.   The   goats   are   guarded   by large    Turkish    sheep    dogs    (Kangal)    which are   big   and   agressive   but   will   not   harm   you, no   matter   how   close   they   come!   From   here a   steep   climb   takes   you   to   a   G5   dirt   road leading   to   high   mountain   hamlet   of   Uçoluk. Here   you   will   have   time   to   explore   around the hamlet and find a place for lunch. The   return   is   on   the   G5   dirt   road   which   winds   back   down   to   Beycik   meandering   around   the   side   of   the   mountain   and   giving great views over the valleys below, the cedar forest and out to Three Islands just off the coast at Tekirova. From Above Beycik Back To Central Beycik Transfer Times (Out / In) 40mins / 40mins Distance 16km Duration 5.5- 6hrs Max Height 1,550m Total Ascent 670m Total Descent 615m  Terrain This is a challengingascent, mostly on narrow goat tracks, rocky in places on the way up. The descent is easy underfott on a dirt road with spectacular views down to the sea.