The   gallery   of   photos   below   will   give   you   an   appreciation   of   what   we   have   to   offer.   To   get   the   best   of   walking   in   and around   Adrasan   you   will   need   to   be   a   reasonably   fit   and   regular   hill   walker.   Average   route   distances   are   16-17km   and will   include   some   rocky   terrain   and   on   some   walks,   considerable   ascents   and   descents.   See   the   route   maps   and detailed   route   descriptions   for   more   specific   information.   If   you   feel   this   might   be   too   much   don’t   worry   we   have   a selection of less challenging walks as well. For more ideas on the walks we can offer check out the videos on our walking video page!
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