Self-Guided and Guided Walking

Stunning Trails on and Around The Lycian Way

According to The Sunday Times, Walking The Lycian Way in Turkey is One of the World's 10 Best Long Walks. Our walking holidays offer a flexible programme of guided or self guided mountain walks and walking tours in one of the most interesting and unspoilt parts of Turkey. We love walking and would love to introduce you some of the stunning coastal sections of The Lycian Way near where we live in Adrasan. The bay at Adrasan is a jewel in the crown of Turkey's Turquoise Coast. There is a 2km long sandy beach with pine clad headlands on either side of the bay and the Toros mountains rise up behind us with Mount Olympos standing majestically in the distance at a height of 2,365m (nearl1½ miles high!) The Lycian Way passes right by our hotel and we are ideally placed to offer a varied walking holiday that is rich in flora, fauna, history and culture. Most of our walking guests choose a week long self guided package of 6 walks starting from Gelidonya Point in Karaoz and ending at the peak of Mount Olympos. A total of over 100km of good hard walking, stunning scenery and places of historical interest. However our programme is entirely flexible and the amount of walking and length of your stay are entirely up to you. You may choose the standard package or you may stay longer, or do more walks or less walks. You can choose to the walks in any order you want and you can choose the standard routes or choose other routes to tailor your itinerary to your needs abilities and aspirations. The maps scrolling around in the picture above are a selection of the routes we offer. The routes extend from the Gelidonya Lighthouse in Karaoz as far as the summit of Mt. Olympos, to the high pastures of Yayla Kuzdere and to the eastern most Lyican city of Phaselis. The programme is based centrally in Adrasan. This means that the walks can be done in any order that you choose and in whichever direction you choose. This is not the case with traditional point to point programmes. For example our guests normally find that Gelidonya Lighthouse is much more enjoyable if you start in Karaöz (west to east) whereas Tekirova to Olympos is much more enjoyable starting in Tekirova (east to west). Some guests choose to do Adrasan to Olympos in reverse (east to west) as this suits their walking style better. The choice is yours!
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